About Me

I am a guy who aspires to be great at the many hats I wear: Father, Husband, Friend, Engineer, Leader, Catalyst, Scholar, and Athlete (though this one may be a bit of a stretch these days).  I work for Microsoft on the native Windows UI Platform on @WindowsUI at the main campus in Redmond, Washington, but this blog, its content and opinions are my own. 

I am always trying to learn and share what I can around software development, leadership, entrepreneurship, influence, and general just-make-stuff-happen effectiveness.  There are a few ways in which you can see what’s going on:

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If you haven’t found what you are looking for via search and the Twitters, you can get a hold of me via email – mail@nickwaggoner.com.


A kid who loved breaking things and putting them back together (sometimes), I knew I wanted to go into computers when I was eight years old.  I knew I wanted to be a leader by the age of 11, but I had no idea what it meant.  Cutting a long story short, I started working at Microsoft straight out of the University of Illinois over a decade ago.  Since then, I worked as a developer in the Windows Deployment team, switched to program management on Microsoft Reputation Services (my first end-of-life product), and then moved on to work on the DirectComposition and DirectManipulation.  I am having a blast reshaping these APIs into their new form as Universal Windows Platform APIs.