About Me

I am a guy who aspires to be great at the many hats I wear: Father, Husband, Friend, Engineer, Leader, Catalyst, Scholar, and Athlete (though this one may be a bit of a stretch these days).  I work for Microsoft on the Power Platform, but this blog, its content and opinions are my own. 

My Journey

After climbing Microsoft’s corporate ladder in engineering/product for the last 13+ years, I found myself working as a PM Architect.  Through that journey I have always been drawn to transformational technologies – first big data / AI, touch and natural user interfaces, 3D / AR / VR / MR, and most recently to no-code/low-code democratized development.  I’ve always prioritized educating and investing in myself and in others (and have been doing so for longer than the trendy “growth mindset” phrase has been around).  I find myself constantly reading about business strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, and influence and psychology.  Coupled with a number of small business endeavors, I’ve developed a perspective and an insight that is uncommon among my colleagues.

Recently, I started looking at the systems in personal and professional development and started wondering if there wasn’t a better way.  There is a growing trend towards using permission marketing to sell authors’, coaches’, and teachers’ content, which makes sense. It helps establish credibility, rapport, and trust with their audience.  It’s a good trend and it embraces a good innovation.  However, I don’t see the same innovation in the platform which would enable students and readers to interact with the content.  It would complete the loop and create a virtuous cycle that could do so much more than today’s glorified store fronts.  That cycle could transform this vertical and connect students with the right content, at the right time, to get the right results.  This puts it at the magical intersection of both massive customer and business value.

If you want to learn more and you have an audience that you want engage and help to succeed — I always love to chat, just hit me up:

Email: Nick@NickWaggoner.com

Twitter: @NRWaggs

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/nick-waggoner/