Off the Electronic Grid: Into the Grand Canyon

Check-out some of the great shots we got of friends and family in the canyon.  Then head past to read a description of the trip and some thoughts on why trips like these are important.

Quick stop at Trail View Overlook.
Left to Right - Lindsey, Nathan, Nick, Xheni

A view out from Trail View Overlook.

Starting down New Hance
Front to back: Nick, Dennis, Xheni, and Nathan

A view of the trail hugging the rock formation on the right with the red rock to step around.

Good view of the canyon a few hours into our hike.

A break on the way down with the
rain spitting on us.
Left to Right - Nick, Xheni, Dad, Nathan

Xheni and my Dad getting close to Red Canyon

Some ominous clouds just north of us in the canyon.

A shot of the cactus flowerers with a cloudy canyon backdrop.

Red Canyon and what looks like heavy rain.

Dad traversing a tricky section of the trail while I watch.

Looking down the canyon at our tents (Dad's is the grey one on the left, Xheni and I's is the yellow one).

Looking back up trail at Nathan and Lindsey's tent.

The last mile of the hike to the river was in a dry creek bed.

Big boulders lining the creek bed on our way down to the river.

Brining up the rear, my wife and I make it to the river banks.

A shot of the Colorado river.

Xheni and I getting back into camp, ready for dinner.

Lindsey getting started on over an hour of water filtering while Nathan cooks, Dad enjoys the best Raman he's ever had, and Xheni stares off into space.

A fabulous morning as we exited Red Canyon.

First real break on the climb.
Back to Front - Nathan, Nick, Dad, and Xheni

Beautiful shot of the clouds, sky, and the canyon.

A view up the canyon and of a false summit.

Nathan stopped to get a shot of the flowers
against the Juniper tree as we hiked past.

Nathan and I relaxing on a rock shelf that was almost the perfect bench.

The view off to the left from our rock shelf.

Nathan graciously stopped to get a picture of the
wild flower for Xheni.

Nathan was being a mountain goat as he tried to capture the steepness of the trial.
Left to Right: Dad, Xheni, Nick

One of our last looks at the trail.

Relaxing after the hike by Duck on a Rock.

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